The Hope House is located in Huntersville, North Carolina providing housing and support services for single unaccompanied women or women with children experiencing “situational” homelessness. 

About Us

Located in Huntersville, NC

Hope House Foundation welcomes home someone whose life has been turned upside down when she becomes displaced from her home due to job loss, illness, or a major life change. Her safety net has broken and she needs her community’s support to help her work toward self-sustaining goals.

Hope House provides housing and support services for single unaccompanied women or women with children (boys up to age 8 only) experiencing “situational” homelessness. With up to 12 beds in a pleasant congregate living environment, Hope House encourages transformative life choices and helps women from various backgrounds, age groups, and from all walks of life.

Neither a battered women’s shelter nor a substance abuse recovery center, we are simply a place for our residents to call “home” for up to six months as they get back on their feet. Situated on four acres in the Town of Huntersville, Hope House has 4,000 square feet of “energy-efficient” living space on two levels with three bedrooms on each level as well as other amenities, including a learning center.

With a steady increase in homelessness affecting our community, your financial contributions, donations and volunteer time are needed more than ever to give hope and change lives.


Hope House Foundation

(704) 992-1902

15604 Northcross Dr, Huntersville, NC 28078

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